Hacks To Gain More Subscriptions To Your Premium Account

If you are a cam model on Snapchat, then mushrooming your subscriber base would be your ultimate intention. More subscriptions mean more cash your way – a simple equation that requires some grinding efforts until you go straight for the hacks. In this guide piece, we will impart some useful tips and hacks that can help you fill your subscription basket.

Use A Public Account

Use a Public Account

A public account that would help your premium account grow, sounds like a pretty offbeat move, doesn’t it? Well, it won’t after you learn the logic behind it. A public account can act as a platform for promoting yourself. But, there is a catch. Snapchat does not allow public accounts to hold sexual or adult content. This leaves no scope for posting semi-nude photos or videos where you show your curves. Nevertheless, there are other ways of earning followers and fans. You can start by posting videos and photos that describe you as a person. 

You can flaunt your interests, your hobbies, and can even share some snippets from your everyday life. This will help you to forge a connection with your audience. With this, you can subtly publicize your premium account without raising any eyebrows. 

Put Social Media To Use

Put Social Media to Use

Bringing in social media can definitely boost your premium Snapchat account. You can set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and alike and start posting some sultry content. Remember, you don’t have to host any form of content that remains exclusive to your Premium account. However, your posted content (photos, videos) should contain enough degree of eroticism in it. You have to entice the senses of your viewers to get them to your Snapchat account. 

Also, try to stay active on social media as it will keep the crowd hooked and interested. You can even post a teaser of your upcoming cam shows. We know, it might get tiring to hold these many accounts and procuring content for all these channels, but these tiring efforts can help you gain subscribers. 

Sign Up On Influencerxxx.com

Sign up on Influencerxxx.com

Saved the best for the last! Influencerxxx is a platform that entertains folks looking for some adult fun. You can join as one of the many models that this platform hosts. Influencerxxx provides you with several teaser accounts that help you inflate the traffic volume on your premium account. The platform itself promotes your account and pushes the subscribers towards you. Influencerxxx is currently one of the major players in the cam model communities with a giant following of its own. On top of that, Influencerxxx provides you with your very own mentor that can show you the ropes of cam modeling. The only effort you need to put is to be active on your premium Snapchat account.

All-in-all, if you manage to earn access to the platform, then your subscriber base will skyrocket for sure. 


Earning subscribers is no easy-sail. You have to invest a lot of effort and intellect to gain some heavy traffic on your account. That is until you opt for shortcuts. By utilizing a public Snapchat account or deploying social media to the scene, you can garner much attention from the crowd. You also have the option to utilize platforms like Influencerxxx.com that can provide you with easy subscriptions, higher traffic, free promotions, and almost everything else that can benefit your premium account.

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